“The Supreme Price”, is a feature length documentary film produced and directed by Joanna Lipper in 2014. The film follows the evolution of the Pro-Democracy Movement in Nigeria and the journey to increase the participation of women in leadership roles. The documentary centres on Hafsat Abiola, who after the nullification of her father’s victory in Nigeria’s Presidential Election and the tragic killing of her mother by the military dictatorship, takes on the challenge of bringing women to the forefront of political participation. She engages in tackling the corrupt culture of Nigerian governance to transform the culture into a democracy. Speaking in her own words, Hafsat Abiola states, “My mother’s name was Kudirat. She was the leader of the pro-democracy movement in Nigeria. Because of her efforts to protest the military’s continued dictatorship she was assassinated, here in Lagos. Shot through the head.”

Through the lens of the family’s remarkable story, director Joanna Lipper builds up a coherent, accessible account of Nigeria’s otiose politics since the late 1980s, supplemented by nifty graphics, archive footage, and explicatory contributions from expert witnesses such as Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka. Hafsat Abiola is determined to help her country, and especially its oppressed women, through NGO work and lobbying. Women’s rights are human rights!

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